Thursday, June 16, 2011

days off, birthdays and stairs

I took a day off yesterday and after waking at 7 to wake Bennett up and hurry him along to school, I went back to bed and slept until 11:15 - I really must have needed that sleep. After that I felt normal, and no longer wanted to shed water from my eyes. Good news!

I had to sneak out at 2:30 (I say sneak because it always feels naughty if you go out when you have taken a day off school) to get a birthday present for my nephew. In the madness of the last week I had not had a chance to buy him one. I knew what I had to get him so I was only out for 20mins. I also bought the most amazing chocolate cake from Moore Wilsons for him. We planned to go over to my nephew's place later in the afternoon to give him the present and cake. But then the stairs at my house had other ideas for my day.

The stairs at my house have already been nasty - some might remember when Louise had a broken arm a couple of years ago - I have been up and down these stairs hundreds of times in the last year and a half and never have I had any problems. But yesterday evening when stairs met socks things went bad. I slipped backwards, fell onto the stairs on my hips and arm and then proceeded to slide down 4 or 5 stairs on my hips.

I am feeling very sore today. Not quite the way I was hoping I would feel going back to school today. Although I am physically sore, I am no longer mentally sore so I think it will all be okay.


  1. My mother used to say, if you hurt yourself when you were doing something that you shouldn't have been "the devil made you do it".
    I never quite understood the logic of it. I always thought that the devil should be encouraging bad behaviour and that if anything it was God who was punishing me. Another one of those incomprehensible things from Catholicism I guess.

  2. Ouch Fflur!
    What is Agent Comeinyourpants trying to say? Has he found theLord?


    I hope the guy/gal who sets relief at your school doesn't read this. Or maybe he has. Did you check your stairs for traces of a lubricant? Does he/she keep wax effigies of all the teachers just in case?

    Where's your stamina?
    If old geezers like Richard [of RBB] and Clive can keep chugging along without a single day off, why do you youngsters keep asking for a "mental health day".
    While I love and admire you all for doing such a great job in the classroom, maybe you all should visit Mitre 10 and get some extra hardener. :=)

  4. I wouldn't care if the gal setting relief did read this - I think it is sensible behaviour to take time off when you need it. I am a better teacher and mother for it. When you have been a working single mother for 13 years you come and tell me how much extra hardener you need.

  5. You go girl!
    (they always say that on American sitcoms)

  6. Taking a day off work, when you're not sick, is against God's law, but not as bad as missing church on Sunday.

  7. Oh dear.
    Falling down stairs when not pissed is just careless.
    Taking time of school without a genuine reason is just so wrong, the value of wrongness has just exceeded the national debt of Donald Trump.