Saturday, August 7, 2010


In my last picture I look very grumpy or serious or intelligent or cool or something. Here is one of me looking perky (in fact I look so perky someone may have just stuck something up my bottom and given me a fright)

This is at a friends 30th birthday party. Considering I will be turning 34 soon I am not sure why I look so perky (although it may have had something to do with the lovely punch or the sex on the beach cocktail)
Last birthday I felt really sad, and didn't even want to celebrate turning 33 because I felt like nothing had changed in my life for the past 3 years and taking that into consideration what did I have to celebrate? I am trying not to think this way this year but it is a challenge. There are many positive things to celebrate and I must try and remember that so I look this perky when I turn 34.
Like I can now make more than 5 different dishes for dinner - Last night I made Green Curry with fish in it. Wow! Now there is something to celebrate!


  1. I guess sex on the beach with the resultant abrasive effect is enough to raise anyone's eyebrows.

  2. Comeinyourpants was 58 yesterday and I forgot to ring him!

  3. Be positive.

    You're alive.
    You've got all your own hair.
    You've got friends.
    You've got friends who are 30.
    You've got an intersting job.
    You've got a lovely son.
    You can have sex on the beach.

    What more do you want?
    You can make Green Curry

  4. I know - I think we all know what more I want but it is so hard to find a good man when you are a freak magnet like me

  5. Back home we have a saying:
    A bonnie bride is sune buskit, an a short horse sune wispit: A good looking bride needs little in the way of adornment, and a small horse is soon groomed.
    We also say:
    A canna sell the cou an sup the milk.

  6. You Scots also say 'Splecchit yer crotchet' but know one knows what that means.

  7. "but know one knows what that means."
    Yes we do, you've been taken over by Robert!

  8. Would you sassenach Heilanman imposters caw canny. Or I'll heve te type en eh Kewe eccint.