Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Annual badminton tournament

This title is probably somewhat misleading,or maybe even a little white lie. Although playing badminton during the summer is an annual event, it is not really an organized tournament that is held. Everyone in my family plays, but the way you sign up is by Bennett requesting "Do you wanna have a game of Badminton?" if you come within a one meter radius of him. Being his mother I often come within a one meter radius of him so am cajoled into joining up to play in the tournament. I have not been very successful this year. Bennett has greatly improved since last year and he can now beat me without me letting him win. When I am not playing I am often called upon to be the very interested and engaged audience "Mum, clap when I get a point" "Mum, cheer like you are a large crowd" this is a YYYAAAHHHHAAAAAAAA sort of noise that I can never really master. However, even though I am a some what inadequate audience member I do get lots of 'helpful' pointers on how to improve, how lucky I am to have such a helpful son. I must learn to keep at least 1 and half meters away from Bennett for a couple of weeks.


  1. "it is not really an organized tournament."
    After all the fuss about practice and practise, you use an Americanism! Shame!

  2. Richard I think you should note that I never said I agreed with the whole practice practise thing - I think it is a total waste of time. However,there is shame attached when you say that used an Americanism. I blame this computer I am using,it is set up to American spelling for some reason.

  3. Yo don't go worryin' pretty lil lady.
    Hell! I think mine is too!