Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have a case of sadness decending on me. Most people think that I am counting down the days until I leave Wainui, but infact I have tried to push it as far as i can to the back of my mind. It occured to me today that I only have 3 days left before I leave; I felt a huge misty cloud decend on me (much like the misty clouds that decend on Wainui and cover it all up in the mornings)
There are of course things I won't miss about WHS, those things include the drive to school, the drive home, the Wainui disease(a severe case of apathy), sugar bowls filled with grains of coffee, PD mornings, penis' being drawn on walls, books, worksheets, chairs, tables, ceilings(ok, I have not actually seen any on a ceiling, but if they could get there they would do it), and walking between the blocks when its raining. However, there are tons of things I will miss a lot. I will miss the amazing staff and the awesome friendships (friends that are destined to be relegated to facebook only friends, cause lets face it even though you say you are going to keep in touch, life always gets in the way). I will miss the crazy, amazing, friendly and loyal students (I don't think I will have a student say to me "Miss, do you know what a c**t is?" at Wellington East (for the record she had no idea that it was ever a reference to a vagina, just thought it was a way to tell someone to bugger off) I will miss my form class, mostly 9 and 10FM, but also 9CL. I will miss rolling my eyes with other staff members during staff meetings and PD, I will miss the really cool water tap in the staff room (small things amuse small minds) I will miss Wainui, and it probably won't miss me.


  1. Your post resonates, I like it. For me, today was also the first day I started to think about the fact we are not coming back.

  2. Sorry I had to leave our farewell do at 2pm to meet some friends from Japan. I wasn't expecting it all to run so long. I was going to say something like:

    "I met Fflur five years ago in our tutor group at Teachers' College along with Katrina. About this time five years ago we were all celebrating getting jobs at a place called Wainuiomata High School, and at the same time beginning to worry about it. Teaching is a job that throws people from different paths together, and I'm glad deciding to become a teacher five years ago allowed me to meet Fflur. I think Fflur is a warm, engaging burst of energy and laughter, and that her students love her for these qualities. I'm going to miss her, and I think she will miss us, but I also reckon she might enjoy her new job very much. See you round."