Thursday, December 17, 2009


I hope this photo uploads properly. It is my first attempt at adding a photo and if i can do it well I will then add some more of the photos I have been happily snapping with my new camera. I really love this photo of one of my students wharf jumping at Days Bay for a lot of reasons, but I decided to put it with this post for about 2 reasons. Reason number 1 - this is how I feel at the moment with all the changes that are happening in my life, I have a new job starting after the summer break, I have a new house, a new car (kinda) and it feels like I am taking a huge leap of faith. Reason number 2 - this is one of the many students that I will miss from the great big family that is Wainuiomata High - this picture has so many of the qualities that a lot of Wainui kids have: pizazz, courage, fun, flair, wildness...the list could go on... Anyway this student jumped without any fear and that is how I am going to take my leap into the great unknown of next year

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  1. Would a picture of Michael BD coming into the Music Dept. period 5 Friday and refusing to leave have represented something different?

    Ah, Fflur it's good to see you keeping up with the blogging.