Sunday, November 29, 2009


In the weekend I had a moment where I realised that part of my life had come full circle. Me and Bennett went on the bus to town, while waiting for the bus to arrive five boys from Bennett's class came to wait for the bus also. As soon as Bennett saw them he got up and walked away from me, and then for the rest of the bus trip and for part of the walk through town(they happened to get off at the same stop) Bennett wouldn't to talk to me or even look at me - Oh the terrible shame it is to be seen in public with your mother when you are a 12 year old boy! Being the annoying mother I am, I questioned him about it after they had gone
"Were you ashamed to be seen with me?"
"Yes" he said with a smile
"Why?" I asked (not really sure why I questioned him on this, as I do quite clearly still recall the shame of being in public with my mum and her loud, booming voice calling me Lovey while in town)
"Well at least if I was in town with Grandma she would look like she could be my mum" was his cutting reply.
I do not actually mind that he finds it shameful to be out in public with me. It feels like a parental right of passage or something, plus shows that he is becoming independent. It is some what sad though that the reason I am an embarrassment to be seen in public with is, and I quote, I am "too short"


  1. Next time this happens you should be loud and vulgar so that he then appreciates that, while you might not be tall enough, you are at least quiet enough.

  2. Bin (Hire) asked me to ask you to enable anonymous comments so that he can leave a comment. Nicola (of NSB) can show you how to do it. By the way, Bin suggests you get a burka to wear when you're out with your son - burkas make all mothers look the same and tend to solve the embarrasment problem for twelve year old boys.

  3. Do they make burkas with height extentions so that I appear taller? Will ask Nic of NSB to show me how to do that

  4. Good evening. Very nice so far. I think you took this profile photo yourself holding the camera at arms length. I'm sure if you asked Bennett nicely he would take a picture of you (so long as it was indoors, where people couldn't see him associating with you). By the way, what are you going to do when Bennett types "Bennett" into Google and discovers this blog? John-Paul

  5. Your observations on my profile picture were very accurate, your observations on my son were not so accurate, he does not like to do anything for me even if I ask nicely. Had not thought of Bennett finding it, should i give him a psedonym, devil child perhaps?? I can not find that darn spell check that Richard showed me so enjoy the spelling mistakes

  6. Enjoy the spelling mistakes? No thanks, I'd rather read about John-Paul's teenage years for the third time. I like the bit where he gets a perm.